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Obsessive Workaholic:
When the Boss Asks for More

It’s true: some businesses encourage obsessive work habits, or overwork, more than others. I’ve seen start-up employees, self-employed professionals and lawyers typically work 60 hours or more a week. It’s no wonder we develop obsessive work habits to the point of becoming workaholics. But what do you do when the boss asks for more? What […]
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From Obsessive Workaholic to Balanced Human Being

Do you feel as if you’re constantly playing catch up? Are fears of falling behind (or pressures to remain competitive) leading to more work hours? You’re not alone: in my work as a coach, my clients tell me they are often like workaholics, working long hours and at home nights and weekends, just to stay […]
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Obsessive Workaholic?
5 Tips for Better Balance

Does your organization (or manager) encourage obsessive work habits? It’s not surprising. Much to the detriment of our health and well-being, many societies encourage, and even celebrate this type of behavior. Being a “workaholic” has become a badge of honor, one that unfortunately describes too many of today’s working people.
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Leadership Success: Some Thoughts on Work, Life, Music, Distractions and Choice

What would it take for you to experience leadership success? Let’s face it: there never really is a perfect work life balance. It’s a moving target. Just when we think we’re ahead of the game, life gets in the way. In many ways, life is like a symphony orchestra. There are 110 instruments in an […]
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Leaders, How Exactly Are You
Going to Manage Priorities?

I’ve often said to my stressed out coaching clients that trying to manage time is like golfing with a tennis racquet. Wrong tool for the job. You can really only manage priorities. Yet most of us don’t do a very good job of that. The thing is, to manage your priorities, you have to know […]
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