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How to Use WAYPOINTs for Success

I thinK it matters how you set your goals, if you truly want a successful life. While the SMART goal system is good, to me it’s not good enough. I prefer setting WAYPOINTs for success in life. In my previous posts, I showed you the WAYPOINT goal setting system. On the worksheet (you can see […]
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Set Goals with WAYPOINTs

A WAYPOINT is something akin to a goal. It is different in that goals have finite end points. WAYPOINTs recognize that life goes on past the completion of one goal. You will set another WAYPOINT to take you in new and ever more satisfying directions. Getting to a WAYPOINT that you set for yourself recognizes […]
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Leadership Waypoints: 7 Steps to Plan for Success

Successful executives establish leadership waypoints along their career path. I’ve been writing about how people who want leadership success need to be strategic and practical. In my last post I explained what waypoints are and how any leader can formulate their own WAYPOINTS statement. This helps you identify the smaller steps along the road to […]
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