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Bridging the Generational Gap

The generational gap has never been wider. Since leaders and bosses are the ones who must take action to bridge the gap, what changes in leadership and management practices are necessary? How can we motivate younger workers to do their best? I see this often when I go into companies to work with their people. […]
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Is Corporate Culture More Important than Strategy?

Anytime there’s a recession and subsequent recovery, the top executive minds huddle together to rethink strategy. Strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organization’s future course. All strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions: “What do we do?” “For whom do we do it?” “How do we excel?” I’ve been […]
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How Leaders Create Loyalty

There are leaders, and then there are those who actually lead. Every executive who supervises others knows how to motivate people—that skill isn’t difficult. However a truly good leader creates loyal customers and engaged employees and inspires them to go beyond incentives and self-interest. That’s the most challenging part of inspirational leadership: how does one […]
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An Exercise in Servant Leadership and Empathy

In order to be a servant leader, one needs the following qualities: listening, empathy, awareness, persuasion, foresight, stewardship, growth and building community. Acquiring these qualities tend to give a person authority versus power. Acquiring a service mentality requires being “other-centered” as opposed to “me-centered.” And yet, this is a time of year one becomes involved […]
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Your Career Decisions: What’s It All About, Really?

“All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.”—James Thurber Your career depends upon having clarity of purpose to make the right career decisions. Just about everyone I know reaches a point where they stop and ask themselves a bunch of “Big WHY’s”… Why am I […]
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Leadership: More Signal, Less Noise

What’s the right way to think about leadership today? Put another way, what’s the organizational  problem that leadership needs to solve? That’s a great question asked by Alan Weber in his neat little book Rules of Thumb. Weber reminds us  that every year, Fortune magazine published a cover story naming “the ten toughest bosses in […]
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