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Are You Having Fun at Work?

“We’re having too much fun at work!” That’s something I rarely hear these days in my work coaching people. Yet, I wonder if we don’t discount the value of enjoyment for high performance on the job. There is power in play, even for the most serious of careers. Think about this: Having fun and playing […]
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Killer Bosses: Surviving a Bad Boss

I’ve read a lot of studies that prove the link between a boss’s effectiveness and team performance. But did you know that a good boss can help you live longer? True. A Swedish study that followed 3,122 men for 10 years found that those with the best bosses (considerate, clear and proactive change agents) suffered […]
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Leadership Challenges: Pause and Reset

Most professional athletes have days off between matches or tournaments. Some sports have off seasons. But in your career, except for vacation weeks, you’re expected to be in tournament-form every day, eight to 12 hours a day. It’s no wonder so many leaders are tired and stressed out. It’s a big leadership challenge. If only […]
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