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3 Keys to a Persuasive Presentation

What’s needed to craft a really good persuasive presentation? Great presentations matter. Not only do they advance your career, they sell products and services, find investors, establish trust and credibility, and gain support for new ideas. Today we have easy technology to help produce professional presentations, but that’s not what matters if you want to […]
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Great Presentations that
Persuade in 20 Minutes

What is the best way to craft a great presentation? I’ve heard it said that ideas are the currency of twenty-first century business professionals. If that is so, then our business presentations must persuade action. Unfortunately, many fall short. Presentations are critical to career success, yet we too often focus on how slides look or […]
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Rewrite that Resume to Get the Job You Want

Sometimes you have to turn conventional wisdom on it’s ear. A standard resume might get you a standard job, but will it get you the career you want? I was recently in email contact with a client who wanted advice on getting an interview for a job she wants. Dear Chip: I would like to apply […]
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Leadership Talk: Charisma Does Matter

Here’s another myth about what makes a good leader: Charisma doesn’t matter We’re taught that charisma shouldn’t matter. Leaders are not supposed to be movie stars or royalty, and their authority shouldn’t be influenced by good looks and charm. Rather, it should be based on authentic credibility. In reality, highly effective leaders often display great […]
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Coaching Change: Use Negative Stories in a Good Way

Social scientists have shown us that negative messages are what gets people’s attention. Bad is stronger than good, when it comes to getting people to listen. But without being a fear-monger or doomsayer, how can we effectively use negativity to encourage change? I’m a big believer in the power of stories for getting people to […]
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Presentations that Persuade: What’s your intention?

Have you ever crammed too much into an hour-long presentation?A good presentation is focused and clear. It has one clear intention, and builds content around that. In preparing a speech the other day, I was reminded of my four keys to success, whether for selling, speech writing or networking: Clarity Focus Attention Intention I got […]
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7 Tips for Selling BEFORE You Approach Anyone

In a series of recent posts, I suggest 7 tips to prepare the way to getting more appointments for selling, and having more sales conversations: How to Prepare for Selling: 3 Really Tough Tips 2 Tips to Prepare for Good Sales 7 Tips for Getting Known in Your Target Market None of these tips involve […]
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Mapping Your Sales Preparation: Gather Info

In a recent post, Better Informed, Better Sales, I explain how important it is to research information about your target market and prospects before you ever approach the selling process. I quoted the late Bill Brooks of the Brooks Group: “In a highly competitive crowded marketplace, all other things being equal, the one with the […]
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Selling Is NOT Accidental – Visual Tips

In the last few weeks I’ve been excerpting tips from the book I collaborated on with 7 esteemed colleagues, Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses, Selling When Selling Isn’t in Your Title. Not because I want to flog more books, although that’s always fun to hear someone’s bought it. My main motivation, however, is this: I’ve […]
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How to Prepare for Selling: 3 Really Tough Tips

What selling tips are the hardest for professionals to implement? Previously I introduced 4 tips for preparing the way to successful sales. When you pay attention to these things, your selling becomes a lot easier: be visible, ask your target market, reach out, and be easy to find. These next tips are harder to implement […]
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