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Build Self Awareness: Write Down Your Beliefs

I’ve been writing about self awareness, how to listen to your inner monologue, and how to improve the quality of your connections to others through self-knowledge. This next exercise builds on the previous exercise where you simply write down your inner monologue. It is a little harder because it requires you to pay attention to […]
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Self-Awareness: Listen to Your Inner Monologue

One of the hallmarks of an effective leader is self-awareness. Being self-aware helps us understand others, to be sensitive to blind spots, and gain trust and respect. But it’s one of the hardest qualities to build. I ran across a book that has some helpful suggestions: Leadership Step by Step: Becoming the Person Others Follow, […]
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Leadership Dishonesty: The New Norm?

Everyone agrees that leadership dishonesty is wrong and that candor, honesty and transparency are essential to leaders of all organizations. When leaders lie, no one trusts them—not their subordinates, their own bosses, their colleagues, or their customers. You can’t have effective leadership without trust. Worse, when leaders lie, others do the same. Almost no one […]
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Fear of Failure: Name It, Claim It, Reframe It

Who hasn’t dealt with fear of failure in one’s career, at one time or another? Several process-oriented changes can lessen the effects of failure or reduce its likelihood. In general, conquering fear of failure is a process of naming it, claiming it and reframing it. Robert Kelsey, author of What’s Stopping You?: Why Smart People […]
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The Emotion We Won’t Admit:
Boredom at Work

Even though you may have a great job, you can still experience boredom at work. Who hasn’t been sitting at the computer when a restless feeling starts gnawing away and thoughts meander anywhere but on the task required? “Boredom is an aversive state characterized by dissatisfaction, restlessness, and weariness,” Andreas Elpidorou, a University of Louisville […]
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Mid Career Complaint:
“Has Anyone Seen My Passion?”

At some point in your career, you may sense a creeping malaise. You’re no longer enthusiastic about the day ahead. Where’s the passion? Perhaps you’re experiencing a mid-career crisis—the sudden realization that you’re no longer a rising star. I’ve written about this before and it keeps coming up with my coaching clients. In fact, 75 […]
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Leaders, How Exactly Are You
Going to Manage Priorities?

I’ve often said to my stressed out coaching clients that trying to manage time is like golfing with a tennis racquet. Wrong tool for the job. You can really only manage priorities. Yet most of us don’t do a very good job of that. The thing is, to manage your priorities, you have to know […]
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3 Keys to Managing Your Leadership Ego

On a scale from one to ten, how healthy is your leadership ego? Let’s say 10 is out-of-control, and a one is just too wimpy. Leaders have big egos, it’s part of what makes them strong leaders. Yet some leaders maintain egos that are healthier than others. Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to […]
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Toxic Leaders: Is It Us or Them?

How can you tell if your boss is a toxic leader, or you just can’t stand him? It’s built into our brains: we automatically sort people into “like us” or “not like us.” This rapid-fire judgment is instinctive and intuitive, based on a cocktail of discernible sensory differences the second we face another person. The […]
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What to Do When Reality Hits Hard

Reality sucks, especially on TV. If it’s not the traumatic news reports, it’s adversarial competitions that encourage rage. Contestants are regularly voted off the island, fired from apprentice jobs and judged to be lacking in any discernible talent. In “real life,” serious disappointments are likewise bitter pills to swallow. Many of us have endured significant […]
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