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Resilience: How to Manage Your Brain in Crises

As a busy executive, you manage people, yet the most challenging person to manage may be yourself. Stress and business crises happen all the time, and even more so to leaders. How can you manage your brain so that you develop resilience? I read a lot of business books, mostly on the people side of […]
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Success and Your Brain: 4 Keys to Better Thinking

Success in business has a lot to do with your brain, but not in the way you may think. Contrary to popular belief, high achievement has very little to do with IQ, or your financial resources, knowing the right people or even luck. I see this in many professions. Success comes in different shapes and […]
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Resilience for Executives, Teams and US Army Soldiers

A key factor in high achievement is resilience, the ability to bounce back from low points. Long-term winners and long-term losers face the same problems, but they respond differently. Many of the smart people I work with and coach have ingrained habits for responding to problems. Some of these reactions to mistakes are so automatic, […]
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9 Losing Behaviors that Predict Failure

Since failure is inevitable in careers and business, I think about how to learn from mistakes and recover quickly. Especially in these uncertain times, resilience becomes even more crucial. Not just personal resilience, but also company resilience: those that can bounce back quickly from a loss, can go on to become winners. Those executives and […]
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Executive Resilience: How Do You Handle Loss?

How do you react to failure? Ask any smart person working in a managerial position and you’ll get some interesting answers. Of course, it depends on the size of the failure, and how much error is your direct responsibility. But let’s talk about executive resilience and what it takes to sustain a long term successful […]
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Executive Resilience: Brain Training with Meditation

Have you ever said something you wished you hadn’t? It flies out and before you know it you’ve got a fire to deal with. It happens often enough. Some people are good at mopping up. Others not. Some people bounce back from skirmishes faster than others. Others hold on to things they’ve said or wished […]
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