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3 Creative Questions that Spark Innovations

I’ve been exploring creative questions and the creative processes innovators use to spark ideas. The ability to ask “why” has sparked innumerable innovations. Author and journalist Warren Berger writes about this in A More Beautiful Question, a fascinating book illuminating the power of questions that lead to innovations. He outlines a framework of three sequential […]
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On Becoming a More Positive Leader

Positive leaders bring out the best in people. They have a mindset that’s encourages openness, they ask more questions, they try to discover what’s right, and build possibilities and strengths in an organization. How can you become a more positive leader? It’s not easy to go from a negative mindset to one that’s over 3 […]
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Road to Peak Performance Is Paved with Play

How much fun are you having at work? Seriously. Amid so many natural disasters, global civil unrest, and our own business and economic recovery to deal with, it may seem out of place to look for ways to enjoy work. But it’s essential to peak performance and motivation. Without tapping into play and imagination, we […]
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Peak Performance: 9 Questions to Bring Out the Best in People

Speaking about the drivers of peak performance, I believe managers can bring out the best in their people by asking good questions. Let me share my nine favorite questions to ask workers and team members about their jobs. They say it’s unprofessional for manager to ask personal questions… so “they” say. If you’re in charge […]
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Developing Leadership Empathy: Key to Success

In 2009, business writer Karl Albrecht published a five-part model of social intelligence in his book Social Intelligence: the New Science of Success, cleverly defined with the acronym “S.P.A.C.E.”: Situational awareness Presence Authenticity Clarity Empathy Popular science writer Daniel Goleman has drawn on social neuroscience research to propose that social intelligence is made up of […]
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The Spirit of Personal Responsibility

The whole point of asking quality questions is to take personal responsibility. John G. Miller makes that clear in his book QBQ! We ask better questions when we: Begin questions with “What” or “How” (not “Why,” When” or “Who”). Use the pronoun “I”, not “they,” “them,” “we” or “you”). Focus on action (not personalities). There […]
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3 Keys to Asking Quality Questions

I’ve been re-reading John G. Miller’s QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. It’s even more amazing each time I pick it up. It’s full of little truths that are so true they should be obvious, but unfortunately, we easily forget. Sometimes by changing little things, like the way we ask questions, we become more influential […]
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