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The Art of Leadership Persuasion:
An Honest, Positive Approach

A truly great leader creates loyal customers, engaged employees and inspires them to go beyond self-interest. Do you? I have been writing about this in recent posts. The crux of leadership persuasion is an honest, positive approach, involving everyone in the organization. People know they are valued and respected when their leaders are transparent, engage in two-directional communication, […]
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The Art of Leadership Persuasion:
Creating Loyalty

When it comes to the art of leadership persuasion, successful leaders know how to create genuine loyalty. They understand that most employees link their own motivation to a cause greater than themselves, and engage their employees in such a mission. Their employees have a stake in the plans, and see personal benefits. Conversely, employees who […]
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The Art of Persuasion:
How Leaders Persuade Us

How is it that some leaders persuade people to go above and beyond? And, why do some CEOs fail to inspire such dedication and loyalty? I believe it comes down to the initial requirement of unity and engagement. 
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The Key Social Signals that Trigger Trust

According to some very intricate data on how we communicate, there are four kinds of social signals that are strongly predictive of future behavior. These signals unconsciously change our impressions of other people’s attention, trust, interest, and focus. But because signaling behaviors happen so quickly in conversations, we’re rarely conscious of how we intuitively sense […]
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The Hidden Signal of Influence in Conversations

How can we detect how much influence we’re having in a conversation? This would be important to know when negotiating a salary, making a sales pitch, or trying to get a promotion. We’re learning that social signals — barely perceptible communication behaviors — between people are key to understanding influence. Social scientists are beginning to […]
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Leadership: Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins?

Do you know people who can masterfully tell the right story at the right time? Quite often, the best storytellers become our managers and leaders. Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit. ~ Howard Gardner, Harvard psychologist Even if you have no designs on becoming a CEO or leading a division, […]
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Using Personal Stories to Persuade:
Sappy or Smart?

Just how personal should you be when you craft a story (as a leader or manager) designed to persuade people? I guess it depends on your audience… or does it? I’ve known keynote speakers who use stories of a parent’s death or illness to make a dramatic point and get their audience emotionally engaged. Sometimes […]
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