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7 Indicators of Workplace Disrespect

You really don’t have to look far to see the high cost of workplace disrespect. Low morale, frustration and turnover are just some of the more obvious signs I see. People who feel they are not respected have less loyalty, creativity and effort. They disagree with each other and communicate poorly. Sound familiar?
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The Reality of Workplace Respect

The reality of workplace respect might surprise you. Consider this: Harvard Business Review research reveals that over 50% of people don’t feel respected by their leaders. Many employees find that disrespect is indicative of their work culture as well, and 25% of them claim that this is caused by a disrespectful leader as their role […]
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Accountability: 4 Clear Steps for Changing Culture

I believe that accountability is the single biggest issue confronting organizations today, especially for those engaged in big change initiatives. When you build a culture of accountability, you have people who can and will achieve game-changing results. I’m reading a book right now that stresses the importance of a culture of accountability: Change the Culture, […]
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