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21st Century Leadership: The Upside of Narcissism

Is it time to consider the value of CEOs with strong personalities: bold, visionary, radical and even narcissistic leadership? The great accomplishment of [Steve] Jobs’s life is how effectively he put his idiosyncrasies – his petulance, his narcissism, and his rudeness – in the service of perfection. ~ Malcolm Gladwell I’ll tell you why narcissistic […]
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New Year’s Resolutions: A Hard Look at
Competing Commitments

One of my favorite books over the Holidays was Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization, by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey. Last week I mentioned it in regards to New Year’s Resolutions. The authors make a very clear case for a hard look at […]
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Leadership Challenge: Immunity to Change

If you find change hard, you may yet underestimate how powerfully strong is the pull toward non-change.  As good as our intentions are, we don’t realize how strongly we hold onto competing commitments that prevent us from making real and lasting change. It’s as if we have an immunity to change. Some of my coaching […]
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Management Innovation, Gen Y Style

What innovations to management would Gen Y’s make if they were in charge? I ran across an interesting HBR blog entry, Letting Gen Y Lead a Management Makeover by Vineet Nayar, about a business school contest where students are given a chance to reinvent management and organizations of the future. Some of the submitted ideas […]
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Leading the Boss: 3 Questions to Ask

I’ve been thinking a lot about the problems that arise when someone has the courage to speak up to the boss. In some cases, actions speak louder than words. If you and your boss have established a trusting relationship, you can suggest and take actions that lead your boss to better outcomes. If you don’t […]
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Lack of Leadership Trust: What Can You Do?

I asked this question over on my Facebook wall: “Would you speak up to the boss about questionable practices?” Several people commented about how doing so cost them their jobs! I’ll bet this is more wide spread than imagined. No wonder people don’t speak up to the boss… I looked up some stats on lack […]
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Effective Followers: 4 Qualities to Strive For

Robert E. Kelley, in his landmark article for Harvard Business Review, “In Praise of Followers” (1988), describes the behaviors that lead to effective followership. Even though this was written over 20 years ago, the concepts are still relevant for anyone wanting to be more successful at their job. I find that in the new flatter […]
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Is Corporate Culture More Important than Strategy?

Anytime there’s a recession and subsequent recovery, the top executive minds huddle together to rethink strategy. Strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organization’s future course. All strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions: “What do we do?” “For whom do we do it?” “How do we excel?” I’ve been […]
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Accountability: 4 Clear Steps for Changing Culture

I believe that accountability is the single biggest issue confronting organizations today, especially for those engaged in big change initiatives. When you build a culture of accountability, you have people who can and will achieve game-changing results. I’m reading a book right now that stresses the importance of a culture of accountability: Change the Culture, […]
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How Leaders Seduce Us

There are as many different formulas for leadership development as there are brands of cereals at your local supermarket. Why is it that some CEOs inspire people to go beyond their job descriptions? And, why do so many others not inspire dedication and loyalty? I believe it comes down to better communication skills. Great leaders […]
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