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Presentations that Persuade: What’s your intention?

Have you ever crammed too much into an hour-long presentation?A good presentation is focused and clear. It has one clear intention, and builds content around that. In preparing a speech the other day, I was reminded of my four keys to success, whether for selling, speech writing or networking: Clarity Focus Attention Intention I got […]
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Networking Made Boring: “What do you do?”

What do you notice the most at networking meetings? I listen to the creative ways people introduce themselves. A great elevator speech is rare. I go to a lot of networking, Chamber, business associations, and industry gatherings. I’m there to get to know others. Like many others, I’m interested in identifying and developing potentially productive […]
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Mapping Your Sales Preparation: Gather Info

In a recent post, Better Informed, Better Sales, I explain how important it is to research information about your target market and prospects before you ever approach the selling process. I quoted the late Bill Brooks of the Brooks Group: “In a highly competitive crowded marketplace, all other things being equal, the one with the […]
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How to Prepare for Selling: 3 Really Tough Tips

What selling tips are the hardest for professionals to implement? Previously I introduced 4 tips for preparing the way to successful sales. When you pay attention to these things, your selling becomes a lot easier: be visible, ask your target market, reach out, and be easy to find. These next tips are harder to implement […]
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7 Tips for Getting Known in Your Target Market

When planning a sales campaign, once you have a list of target opportunities, what should you do next? When I’m working with clients, coaching them on their selling process, it takes a good degree of clarity and focus to develop a realistic list of prospects. This is no small task. It involves some serious thinking, […]
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Conscious Selling to the Unconscious Brain

To sell something to somebody, you have to persuade them. You have to influence their decision-making. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the best way to persuade is to make a logical presentation. Scientists are now discovering how so much of what we think is a conscious decision has in fact been made out […]
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