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Managers and Leaders: The Right Mix

Much fuss has been made about the difference between leaders and managers, but I’m starting to think there’s too much glorification of leadership and not enough attention on good managers. Leadership expert Professor Warren Bennis once said, “Leaders are people who do the right thing, managers are people who do things right.” Stanford University Management […]
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Effective Managers: How to Take Good Care of Managers

Managers are the single greatest factor in retaining employees (Gallup Organization, State of the American Workplace, 2012). Nurturing effective  managers is therefore crucial to building great companies. How can organizations take better care of their managers? CEOs should provide their effective managers with development opportunities and professional coaching. Having a coach helps effective managers build […]
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The 5 Mindsets of Great Managers

What does it take to be a really great manager? I’ve been writing about how important good managing is here and here. Maybe we need to focus on good old fashioned management and what’s needed to become a better boss. “No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It […]
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