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The Growth Mindset of an Effective Leader

What distinguishes a potential great leader from one who is mediocre? From my experience as an executive coach in many different industries, some stand out more than others: Those leaders with a growth mindset who use every challenge as a learning goal. There are leaders who focus almost exclusively on performance. And there are others […]
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The Blame Game: 3 Ways We Respond to Failure

It’s hard learning from mistakes and failures, because most of us want to either sweep them under the rug or shift the blame outside of ourselves. It’s human nature to want to protect ourselves, but when the blame game gets in the way of learning from mistakes, we’re endangering our careers, our results, and our […]
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Business Failures: How Do We Learn from Mistakes?

I recently read an interesting HBR article called Strategies for Learning from Failure, by Amy C. Edmondson (April 2011). The author states that ineffective beliefs about failure inhibits managers from learning from mistakes. “The attitudes and activities required to effectively detect and analyze failures are in short supply in most companies, and the need for […]
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Changing Minds: How Honeybees Lead Teams

Have you ever observed yourself changing your mind about something? What makes you decide to reverse direction? It’s worth thinking about and finding out what triggers you, no? The way you’ve experienced your own reversals can inform you about how others change their minds. Here’s a story about honeybees I find fascinating. It’s from Stephen […]
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