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Leading Change: Your Pathway to Success

A hallmark of great leadership is adaptability, growth and leading change. I have seen it become a requirement in today’s constantly evolving business environment. Those who succeed create a compelling vision, develop an effective plan, allocate resources, train staff, and celebrate.
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Leading Change: 5 Steps to Success

We’ve all seen it: adapt or die. That’s why smart executives are adept at leading change. They understand how people make decisions (including the decision to change) and create a compelling vision. I wrote about this in my last post. Develop an Effective Plan Your next step is to develop an effective plan. Change has […]
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Leading Change: Why is it So Difficult
(and So Easy for Some?)

Is it possible to convince people to change? Many of the successful leaders I know will say yes, and leading change is much easier when you understand and practice a few key principles.
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Leading Change: Argument + Story

How do leaders in organizations lead people to new behaviors? How do they convince people to change? If we were bees working in a hive to make honey, leading teams would be far simpler. A dance around the hive, a wiggle here, a waggle there, and we would motivate workers to go get the food […]
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