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Preventing Executive Failure:
Manage Your Flaws

In my last post, I suggested 3 steps you could take to begin examining your personal flaws. Now, I’ll bet most of you will avoid anything that smacks of failure, flaws, or taking a hard look at your dark side. None of us like to focus on our flaws until it’s absolutely necessary. Denial is […]
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7 Attitudes that Lead to Executive Failure

Any discussion on what makes executives wise and why some CEOs fail has to include why some smart leaders make stupid mistakes. What leads to executive failure? Sidney Finkelstein, author of Why Smart Executives Fail (2003), researched several spectacular CEO failures and their causes over a six year period. He found several patterns of faulty […]
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Wise Business Leaders: Who’s On Your List?

In my discussions with friends and colleagues about executive wisdom, I’ve come to realize how idiosyncratic our views of wisdom are. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then wisdom is even more so. Ask any of your people who their top five wise leaders are, you’ll likely get a wide variety of […]
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Leading with Wisdom: The Optimism Fallacy

Leading with wisdom isn’t easy to attain. Let’s talk about the five fallacies that stop smart leaders from making wise choices and actions (see my two previous posts here and here). In particular, this error struck me as important to executives (Sternberg, 2003): The unrealistic-optimism fallacy: believing only good things will result from one’s ideas […]
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