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The Diminishing of Leadership Power

Until only recently, we presumed that leaders should dominate and followers must do as they’re told. But after several revolutions, labor movements, human-rights legislation and the spread of democracy, the world has radically changed. Along with it, leadership carries less power. Power, authority and influence are in scarce supply for even the most charismatic CEOs, […]
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How Ego Leads to Failed Decisions

Most of the leaders I work with in organizations are pretty smart, talented and competent. They got to where they are because of their strengths. But leaders have to learn to manage themselves well. By that I mean, we all have to walk that line between self confidence and big ego. When we fail to […]
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Leadership Power: 3 Ways Power Changes People

How much does power go to your head? Really? Then you’re the exception if you’re magnanimous and generous of spirit. According to numerous studies, people put into power positions are prone to a couple of behavior changes: Power makes most people become more focused on their own needs and wants Power changes people to become […]
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Leadership Talk: Why Leadership Is Messy

Considering the challenges of top management teams it’s a wonder people still want to become leaders. Of course, along with promotion comes the salary, the perks and the prestige. Whenever I am coaching in organizations, I am privy to the challenges, the debates, the failures and the stress that goes along with leading people. Leadership […]
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