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Leadership Talk: Charisma Does Matter

Here’s another myth about what makes a good leader: Charisma doesn’t matter We’re taught that charisma shouldn’t matter. Leaders are not supposed to be movie stars or royalty, and their authority shouldn’t be influenced by good looks and charm. Rather, it should be based on authentic credibility. In reality, highly effective leaders often display great […]
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Competitive Arguing: Mojo Zapper

Arguing happens anytime you put a group of intelligent, successful people into a room and give them a problem to solve. It also happens simply because people have egos, and it’s human nature to compete with other members of the tribe. Some competitive executives love a good argument because it’s a chance to show their […]
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Are You Over-Committed? Of Course!

Over-committing may be a major reason we lose our “Mojo,” according to Marshall Goldsmith in his recent book by the same name. If you’re good at what you do and like your job, it’s easy to take on new challenges. You’re bursting with mojo. People want you in their meetings and on their teams. The […]
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