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How Leaders with Big Ego Are Less Effective

For any leader, the risks of big ego are magnified. An inflated perception of oneself distorts reality, both inwardly and outwardly. Author Ryan Holiday, in his book, Ego Is the Enemy (Penguin, 2016), explores what drives this behavior: Egotists regard themselves as superior, set apart from everyone else. They are entitled and important simply because […]
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5 Levels of Leadership:
From Expert to Synergist

My previous posts about 5 levels of leadership were based on what I’ve been reading in Mastering Leadership by Anderson and Adams. There are many other theorists and authors that propose five levels of leadership development. What’s key to understanding is that in order to develop as a leader, one must grow one’s level of […]
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Leadership Effectiveness: Enhanced by a Dose of Humility

When Jim Collins conducted his research for Good to Great, humility was one of only two characteristics he found that distinguish great leaders: those who can lead top-performing companies from those who can transform their companies into great performers. (The other trait was intense professional will, or fierce resolve.) Level 5 Leadership: Leaders are humble, […]
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