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Defining Leadership Success in 2019

Are you prepared for leadership success in 2019? Leadership is like conducting a symphony orchestra. There are 110 instruments in an orchestra. Sometimes all we hear are the violins, but the other instruments must be there to provide necessary support and background. Then maybe it’s the piano in the foreground. Each section has it’s part to […]
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Defining Effective Leadership

As an executive coach, I am often asked to define effective leadership. It’s a complex topic, based on the challenges of human behavior—that varying, uncontrollable and often mysterious element that makes leading far more than following guidelines. Short answer: effective leadership compels people to follow a vision. Maybe the real question is, what makes an […]
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6 Leadership Questions to
Overcome Information Overload

TMI: I hear this complaint frequently from my coaching clients. Bombarded with more information than they can effectively process, leaders often miss things that are “hidden in plain sight”. Information overload causes important facts to be overlooked. Leaders commonly bemoan how something so obvious wasn’t caught. In the fallout, outsiders critique these oversights and question leaders’ […]
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Misguided Leadership Perspectives:
Are You at Risk?

Taking a step back to reflect on the last year, what lessons have we learned from 2018? I see an alarming number of business plans fail when leaders ignore the facts needed to make sound decisions. Misguided leadership perspectives can be blamed on a lack of data, wrong data or the inability to understand relevance. […]
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Respect at Work: You’ve Earned It!

I’ve been exploring respect at work, and how we as leaders can be doing a better job demonstrating respect in the workplace, especially when employees have earned it.
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Respect at Work: Is It Everyone’s Right?

As a coach, I often hear people talk of the challenges of working with multiple generations. We have some pretty good research on how each generation sees the world and what motivates them. Bottom line, we all want respect at work. But is it everyone’s right?
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Respect at Work: The Role of Leaders

When it comes to respect at work, the role of leaders is clear: lead by positive example. I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s more than a suggestion. Leaders set the tone of the entire organizational culture by modeling acceptable workplace behavior.
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7 Indicators of Workplace Disrespect

You really don’t have to look far to see the high cost of workplace disrespect. Low morale, frustration and turnover are just some of the more obvious signs I see. People who feel they are not respected have less loyalty, creativity and effort. They disagree with each other and communicate poorly. Sound familiar?
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Looking for Trouble:
Problem-Solving Leadership

Why do seemingly smart, fearless leaders fail when it comes to problem-solving?
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Be a Courageous Leader:
Overcome Your Fears

Fears can take many forms: discomfort, incapacity, negative feelings, failure and self-criticism. And to some degree, they’re normal. But left unaddressed, fears make a leader ineffective and paralyzed. Courageous leaders overcome their fears; they learn from them, and put them in the past.
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