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Can Business Values Be Both
Utilitarian and Inspirational?

Let’s look at business values and principles from a different angle. In my opinion, it’s hard to come up with really good innovative ideas and products when people are driven by money and profits alone. It just is. But when you ask people to imagine a product or service that knocks the socks off customers, […]
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Great Leaders: Was Steve Jobs Good at Leading?

What makes a great leader? Think about the leaders of Apple, Amazon and Southwest Airlines. You can probably name them: Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Herb Kelleher. Next, try to name the leaders of General Motors, TiVo and AOL… right, I’d have to go look them up too. Most senior leaders are highly qualified, experienced […]
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Leaders Who Inspire Start with “Why”

How does a leader become truly inspirational? I’m reading an inspirational book by Simon Sinek: Start with Why (Portfolio, 2010). According to Sinek, seen on TED tv: If the leader of the organization can’t clearly articulate WHY the organization exists in terms beyond its products or services, then how does he expect the employees to […]
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