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7 Places to Hunt for Creative Insights

I’ve been reading about innovations and the creative insights that have sparked many of today’s bright new ideas. Several Fortune 500 companies have been founded on a single insight about what customers want. Starbucks brought a little bit of Italy to coffee shops. Home Depot gave do-it-yourselfers access to professional supplies. The Body Shop was […]
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How Creative Insights Differ from Intuitions & Why It Matters

What’s the difference between intuitive thinking and creative insights? Both can lead to breakthrough ideas. But there’s a difference. In my previous posts about intuitive thinking, I described how intuition uses our experience to guide us to recognize patterns and apply them in new ways to solve other problems. Understanding this helps take the mystery […]
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Disruptive Innovation: In 5 Years, Will Your Business
Be Alive and Thrive?

When does an innovation become disruptive? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what business is going to be like in five, ten years. Think about it, who could have imagined even five years ago how we’d be using social media sites and mobile devices in our day-to-day work? We’re all still trying to figure […]
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