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Leadership, the Trust Deficit, and
How to Engage People

Let’s look at employee engagement from another perspective. Why should anyone give most of their time and energy — let alone their heart and soul — to doing a great job at work? The question is how to engage people when they may not even trust you? When asked to rate the ethics of various professions […]
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High Performing Teams Are Social

In my recent posts, I’ve been exploring how social scientists have been measuring high performing teams to discover the key elements of team effectiveness.  They’ve been able to measure group members’ interactions with a sociometric device that shows three key patterns. Geoff Colvin describes this in his book Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know […]
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Accountability: 4 Clear Steps for Changing Culture

I believe that accountability is the single biggest issue confronting organizations today, especially for those engaged in big change initiatives. When you build a culture of accountability, you have people who can and will achieve game-changing results. I’m reading a book right now that stresses the importance of a culture of accountability: Change the Culture, […]
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