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What Millennials Want from CEO’s and Leaders

There’s an interesting post over on Lisa Petrilli’s C-Level Strategies blog, What Millennials Told CEOs They Want from Leaders. (Photo: Photostock.) I’ll re-post some excerpts here before commenting: Ever wonder what Millennials would tell CEOs if they had the chance? Well, at our most recent CEO Connection Forum in LA we asked a group of […]
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Boomers and the New Youth Movement: Get Ready

There are many shifting societal changes happening right now, and I believe we are in the midst of a cultural transition including from one generation to another. It isn’t as obvious as a comet and you can’t stop it by shooting at it. It will happen whether anyone likes it or not. There is another youth […]
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The Need for Generational Management:
A Gen Y Business Student Speaks Out

This guest post is from Jamie Smith, who comments on my previous question, Does Gen Y Have an Attitude Problem? Warning: Soap box! (Photo credit Photostock.) I am guilty of being a part of Gen Y. That said, please continue to read my comment :). I am working on completing my master’s thesis (and I’ve […]
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The Backside of Leadership…

I asked a question about leadership competencies the other day and got a thoughtful response from a reader, worthy of sharing with you here in a new post. I’d like to stimulate your thinking on this topic — leadership competencies and values — and perhaps hear from you as well in the comments section. In […]
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Leadership Is Changing: Are You?

As I read through the many comments about leadership and managing younger generations on LinkedIn, I’m reminded of that old French saying, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” The younger employees are different, and workplace attitudes are changing, but they’ve always been changing. (Image by digitalart, freedigitalphotos.net) Leaders and managers have […]
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If Computer Games Make You Smarter,
Can Games Help You Work Better?

The evolution in workplace attitudes may be due in large part to the way computers and technology have affected our brains. Think about it: the newer generations began using computer games and digital technologies at early ages. It’s bound to have had a huge affect on how they learn, communicate and behave. (Image credit jscreationzs, […]
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The Coming Shift in Age Diversity at Work

As we roll into the Thanksgiving holiday week/weekend, let me share what I am writing for my next newsletter, The Scholz Report, about age diversity at work, due out in December. (Image by digitalart). Big changes are afoot and because of age diversity, things will never be the same in the world of work. I […]
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Gen Y Clashpoints: What Managers Can Do

What can you do as a manager to avoid some of the generational clashes and encourage high performing diverse teams? Without a lot of time available to personally mentor Gen Yers, you can’t ignore the pitfalls or wait for potential relationship problems to explode. (Photo credit Photostock) Here are two common issues that cause conflicts […]
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Managing Gen Y: The Gift of Context

To manage Gen Y, you may need to give them the gift of context. How do they fit in, in the context of your organization, its mission, values and strategic plans? This may seem obvious, but just telling them how your company runs may not be enough. (Image credit Vlado) The trap in discussing ways […]
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Gen Y’s at Work: Two Common Mistakes

There are two frequent complaints about younger workers (Gen Ys or Millenials) from their older managers: They share everything online They treat everyone as equals, and expect to be listened to just as equally As young people enter the workplace, they may find some of their ideals … not so ideal. The reality of companies […]
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