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Leadership Positions in the Robotic Age:
Where’s the Job Security?

Exactly how secure are leadership positions in this emerging Robotic Age? Are you absolutely sure your job can never be replaced by computers? Think about it. Computers are developing skills fast, including those usually thought of as uniquely human. In April 2015, I posted on this blog about how robots were increasingly being used in […]
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The Future of Work:
Will You Be “Future Smart”?

If the first two decades of the 21st century are an indication of how the future of work is evolving, we’ll need to be vigilant and innovative to stay relevant. Game-changing trends will continue to affect business, technology, the workforce, the economy, security and the environment. We’re well aware of many of them: climate change, […]
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The Future of Work:
“Help! A Robot Ate My Job!”

If you haven’t yet heard this complaint, you probably will in the future of work. Yet even as some jobs can now be done by robots, others remain unfilled. Today’s widespread unemployment is not a jobs crisis; it’s a talent crisis. There’s not enough talent for the jobs that are available. Welcome to the future […]
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The Future of Your Business:
What You Need to Do Now

I’ve been reading about what it takes for people to see what will be needed for the future of business. What can we do to open our minds to innovation? How can we be better prepared for all the rapid changes in technology and the way business is done? These three previous posts discuss different […]
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