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Executive Charisma: Got “It” or Get It…

How do you acquire leadership charisma? Some executives seem to have “it,” others don’t. Call it leadership charisma, magnetism, big personality, charm… the “wow” factor… it’s all those intangible qualities that make someone stand out and be easily remembered. When it comes to executives, I’ve met some who seem to ooze smarts, authority and trustworthiness, […]
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Leadership Talk: Charisma Does Matter

Here’s another myth about what makes a good leader: Charisma doesn’t matter We’re taught that charisma shouldn’t matter. Leaders are not supposed to be movie stars or royalty, and their authority shouldn’t be influenced by good looks and charm. Rather, it should be based on authentic credibility. In reality, highly effective leaders often display great […]
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Networking Made Boring: “What do you do?”

What do you notice the most at networking meetings? I listen to the creative ways people introduce themselves. A great elevator speech is rare. I go to a lot of networking, Chamber, business associations, and industry gatherings. I’m there to get to know others. Like many others, I’m interested in identifying and developing potentially productive […]
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Snap Decisions: the Wisdom of the Unconscious

How do you make decisions? Quickly? Intuitively? Carefully, after studying all the options? We live in a culture that values cautious decision-making. At least in the business circles I work in, everyone assumes that the quality of a decision is directly related to the time and effort that goes into making it. But psychologists and […]
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