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The 2nd Promise of Effective Leaders:
Engagement and Accountability

What do effective leaders do? How can you become more effective in your leadership position? In Mastering Leadership, authors Robert J. Andersen and William A. Adams break leaders’ responsibilities into a set of four universal promises of leadership: Set the right direction and create meaningful work Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable for performance […]
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Human Capabilities at Work: Why Obedience,
Diligence and Expertise Aren’t Enough

As a leader, which human capabilities at work do you value most? How do you try to motivate people? I’ve been thinking about how leaders communicate different values to motivate their people to perform. In some cases, they stress how vital it is to follow the rules and regulations. In others, they emphasize quality control […]
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5 Leadership Tips for
Creating Passion at Work

Smart leaders pay attention to ways to spark passion at work every day. You might think that’s low on the list of to-do’s for busy managers with too much on their plate. But think about it: when people love their jobs and are intrinsically motivated for their own reasons, they’ll go the extra mile for […]
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Leading with Purpose: Linking People to Purpose and Passion

Are you leading with purpose? Most leaders I know are full of passion. They don’t understand why their workforce isn’t. Why don’t employees really care more? Many are frustrated by attempts to bring out the passion and sense of purpose in their workforce. It’s no secret: people who are intrinsically motivated for their own sense […]
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Corporate Engagement :
Values, Passion and Stupid Boss Tricks

I’m asking if small businesses and privately-held companies might do a better job motivating people than corporate engagement efforts. Smaller companies seem to excel at motivating people  through values, passion and commitment. The lack of employee engagement in large companies everywhere is a real management issue. Employees in the 21st century, and their bosses as […]
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Leadership, the Trust Deficit, and
How to Engage People

Let’s look at employee engagement from another perspective. Why should anyone give most of their time and energy — let alone their heart and soul — to doing a great job at work? The question is how to engage people when they may not even trust you? When asked to rate the ethics of various professions […]
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Effective Teams Have High Trust and Engagement

I’ve been exploring what makes a team effective or not in previous posts here and here. I’ve noticed in some of the organizations where I coach, some team members work really well together and some don’t. What makes a real difference in teams? They all have high levels of trust with each other. And they […]
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