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Leadership Self-Deception:
Are You “In” or “Out” of the Box?

I’ve been reviewing concepts about leadership challenges and self-deception. This is a common problem that leaders must confront with each promotion to greater responsibility. It’s something we work hard on in sessions I have with executive coaching clients. (Photo: Freedigitalphotos.net) Leadership and Self-Deception, a book written by the Arbinger Institute, features an entertaining story about […]
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Empathy: When Leaders Lose Touch with Customers

What happens to companies when they focus on the numbers, instead of what customers want? Lack of empathy can lead to a company’s demise. Some business executives dismiss the need for empathy, favoring the more concrete and defensible virtues of rational analysis. They have a point. So did Blockbuster executives when faced with Netflix’s debut. […]
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Empathy and Customers in the Information Age

I’ve been thinking about our need to connect more with customers and demonstrate more empathy, especially in large organizations and workplaces. Some companies excel at this, but most don’t. I see this in the work I do coaching and consulting. Most organizations over-rely on data, to the exclusion of face-to-face customer contact. It’s important to […]
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Empathy: A Powerful Business Strategy

In an uncertain economy, empathy may seem like a soft business skill. It can, however, serve as a catalyst for new growth, innovation and employee engagement, all of which drive profits and long-term results. I’ve seen this happen within some of the companies I consult with. The more an organization (and its leaders) demonstrates care […]
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Developing Leadership Empathy: Key to Success

In 2009, business writer Karl Albrecht published a five-part model of social intelligence in his book Social Intelligence: the New Science of Success, cleverly defined with the acronym “S.P.A.C.E.”: Situational awareness Presence Authenticity Clarity Empathy Popular science writer Daniel Goleman has drawn on social neuroscience research to propose that social intelligence is made up of […]
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