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Emotional Hijacks at Work: Beware the Tiger

Most of the books I read about the brain and emotional intelligence talk about an emotional or amygdala hijacking, which is what you see when the boss loses it and goes on a rant. It’s not pretty, and almost always makes the hijacker look pretty stupid. The amygdala is the brain’s radar for threat. It […]
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The Case for Emotional Intelligence in Leaders

Should we be concerned about how a leader’s emotional intelligence shows up (or not)? After reading the Steve Job biography, I’ve become curious about the impact of a leader’s style on business results. I’ve been hearing about EI/EQ for a long time, and my assessment partner has a set of EQ instruments that I’ve investigated. […]
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In Search of High Emotional Intelligence in CEOs

Who’s on your list of emotionally intelligent CEO’s, and more importantly, why do you put them on the list? I recently asked the first part of the question over on LinkedIn Questions, and got some really good responses. However, they were just names. I am curious why you choose the CEOs. What is it about […]
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Success: The Secret Energy Force Behind It

I’ve been laying out a success formula for life and career through Clarity, Intention, Attention and Focus. These are the four keys my co-authors and I talk about in our latest book, “Do Eagles Just Wing It?” By writing down specific intentions you get clarity, and then you identify the critical success factors and waypoints […]
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Resilience: How to Manage Your Brain in Crises

As a busy executive, you manage people, yet the most challenging person to manage may be yourself. Stress and business crises happen all the time, and even more so to leaders. How can you manage your brain so that you develop resilience? I read a lot of business books, mostly on the people side of […]
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Coaching Change: Use Negative Stories in a Good Way

Social scientists have shown us that negative messages are what gets people’s attention. Bad is stronger than good, when it comes to getting people to listen. But without being a fear-monger or doomsayer, how can we effectively use negativity to encourage change? I’m a big believer in the power of stories for getting people to […]
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More Brain “Flaws” in Making Decisions

This is a really good book if you’ve got the same interest as I in how the brain works to make decisions: How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009). Here’s what I’m learning about the duel between the rational brain and the emotional brain, and how it might apply to sales, business […]
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