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The 3rd Promise of Effective Leaders: Execution

To truly be effective as a leader requires attention and focus on key priorities. Yes, the bottom line looms large, but financial success comes from excellent completion of four key promises to stakeholders. Leaders must set the right direction for the company to take, with meaningful work, which leads to engaging everyone to be accountable […]
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The 2nd Promise of Effective Leaders:
Engagement and Accountability

What do effective leaders do? How can you become more effective in your leadership position? In Mastering Leadership, authors Robert J. Andersen and William A. Adams break leaders’ responsibilities into a set of four universal promises of leadership: Set the right direction and create meaningful work Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable for performance […]
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4 Promises of Highly Effective Leaders

How do you define effective leaders? I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a leader effective. I suppose you could look to the success of the business; a leader could be deemed effective if the company is a success. But success relies on many things outside the control of a CEO or senior leadership […]
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