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3 Creative Questions that Spark Innovations

I’ve been exploring creative questions and the creative processes innovators use to spark ideas. The ability to ask “why” has sparked innumerable innovations. Author and journalist Warren Berger writes about this in A More Beautiful Question, a fascinating book illuminating the power of questions that lead to innovations. He outlines a framework of three sequential […]
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How We Obstruct Insights and
Creative Thinking: Fixations

Of course if insights and creative thinking were easy, then everybody would be doing it. But the thing to be aware of is that often we obstruct it, albeit unwittingly. Organizations all say they need fresh ideas and innovations to sustain profits. But they aren’t making it easy for people to have ideas, or to […]
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Creative Insight: Shifting for the Future

Creative insight could save your career. I’ve been writing about the value of developing intuitive thinking. Intuition along with analyses could lead to insights and breakthrough ideas that would revolutionize your business in the 21st Century. Let me ask you a question: how is your business going to shift in the next few years? How […]
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Disruptive Innovation: In 5 Years, Will Your Business
Be Alive and Thrive?

When does an innovation become disruptive? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what business is going to be like in five, ten years. Think about it, who could have imagined even five years ago how we’d be using social media sites and mobile devices in our day-to-day work? We’re all still trying to figure […]
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Creative Leadership: Focus on the Future

One of the key abilities for leaders in any organization is that of using creative thinking to focus on the future. Leaders who get it right will flourish. Get it wrong, and not only will your career tank, but your company along with it. If you want a sneak peak at what’s in store electronically, […]
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Creative Thinking and Leadership: Are You Too Analytical?

I’m curious. What do you think about at the end of the year? Are you thinking about what you accomplished in 2012? Or dreaming about what you could do differently in 2013? One type of thinking focuses on concrete facts and analytical thinking. The other type of thinking involves dreaming and creative thinking. You probably […]
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