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How to Craft a Great Presentation:
What We Can Learn from TED

It doesn’t matter what your job is, at some point you’ll be asked to craft a great presentation. Your career, your sales, your leadership success depends on being able to persuade others. How do you learn to craft a speech that persuades? Most people suggest you learn from TED, the online site dedicated to “Ideas […]
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A 65-Year-Old Thanksgiving Message for Today’s World

It’s Thanksgiving for those of us in the States.  It’s time to pause and reflect, and give thanks for all that we are blessed with. The following Thanksgiving message was written by Wilferd Peterson in 1952. Wilferd Arlan Peterson (1900–1995) was an American author who wrote for This Week magazine (a national Sunday supplement in […]
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What Happens When We Get
Bored at Work?

Boredom is not something to be taken lightly or ignored, especially when we become bored at work. The quality of our efforts can be seriously impacted by feelings of boredom. In studies using a boredom-process scale, those who rated low were better performers in areas such as education, career and autonomy. Let’s explore three types […]
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Coaching Conversations:
Lay Out a Success Plan

A good way to ensure you have productive coaching conversations as a manager is to follow a checklist or framework. I’ve been sharing the FUEL model of coaching conversations, from the Zenger and Stinnett book, The Extraordinary Coach: F = Frame the Conversation. Set the context by agreeing on the discussion’s purpose, process and desired […]
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Coaching Conversations:
How Managers Explore the Desired Outcome

I’ve been reading an excellent book on coaching from John Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett, The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow, (McGraw Hill 2010). The reason this book is so valuable is that it describes a four-step framework for having coaching conversations that work for managers who want to help their people […]
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Coaching Conversations:
Understanding Leads to Insights

I’ve been writing about how managers can use coaching conversations to grow and develop their people instead of just putting out fires and fixing problems. Yet in spite of knowing about coaching skills, many of the managers I speak with struggle to have effective coaching conversations that lead to insights and change. What helps is […]
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3 Steps for Managers to
Set Up Coaching Conversations

In the coaching work I do in companies, I’ve observed that many managers struggle with initiating coaching conversations with their people. It’s not that they don’t know how to coach, it’s that often conversations with their people turn into project task updates instead of furthering the growth and development of people. In spite of good […]
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Coaching Conversations: Face the FACTS

From what I observe in businesses, not a lot of managers use coaching skills to guide and develop their people. When managers don’t have clear framework for initiating coaching conversations, they revert to managing in more traditional ways, without coaching. That usually means making suggestions and asking leading questions to get someone to do what […]
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Great WAYPOINT Goals:
5 Ways to Change a Habit

The best laid plans—and WAYPOINT goals—are no good if we don’t put new behaviors into play. We need to override old habits to change a habit. The problem is that although we think we’re in charge, so much of what we do is directed by our subconscious beliefs. A Duke University study says that at […]
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How to Set WAYPOINT Goals

Sometimes setting a SMART goal isn’t enough. What I’ve found in coaching scores of high functioning business people is that goals need to be genuinely relevant, engaging and personal. That’s how I came up with setting WAYPOINT goals. A WAYPOINT statement will be: Written— You are taking the time to write down the WAYPOINT for […]
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