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The Art of Leadership Persuasion:
An Honest, Positive Approach

A truly great leader creates loyal customers, engaged employees and inspires them to go beyond self-interest. Do you? I have been writing about this in recent posts. The crux of leadership persuasion is an honest, positive approach, involving everyone in the organization. People know they are valued and respected when their leaders are transparent, engage in two-directional communication, […]
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The Art of Persuasion:
How Leaders Persuade Us

How is it that some leaders persuade people to go above and beyond? And, why do some CEOs fail to inspire such dedication and loyalty? I believe it comes down to the initial requirement of unity and engagement. 
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How to Build and Expand Your Self-Awareness

How self-aware are you? Self awareness is one of the foundations of emotional intelligence and being able to lead others. I’ve been writing about the importance of knowing yourself well here. The key to building better self awareness is feedback. Have you asked others for feedback about yourself?
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Do You Have an Open Mind?

Do you maintain an open mind? Is it possible to learn more about yourself even late in your career and life? Or, at some point, do we stop questioning and decide “that’s just the way we are?” I think these questions are important. In the work I do as a coach, I encounter both responses […]
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Unlock Your Potential with a Shift in Mindset

Do you ever wonder why some very smart people don’t live up to their potential? Maybe you even include yourself in this category. Some scientists propose that underachieving may come down to mindset. Mindset is “an established set of attitudes held by someone,” says the Oxford American Dictionary. It turns out, however, that a set of […]
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Great Presentations: Why Shorter is Better

What is the best way to craft great presentations? I’ve been discussing how to upgrade the quality of your speeches by looking at the great examples on TED Talks. These fascinating videos can demonstrate how to speak on just about every topic imaginable and they’re delivered in under 20 minutes. There is a reason why […]
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3 Keys to a Persuasive Presentation

What’s needed to craft a really good persuasive presentation? Great presentations matter. Not only do they advance your career, they sell products and services, find investors, establish trust and credibility, and gain support for new ideas. Today we have easy technology to help produce professional presentations, but that’s not what matters if you want to […]
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Great Presentations that
Persuade in 20 Minutes

What is the best way to craft a great presentation? I’ve heard it said that ideas are the currency of twenty-first century business professionals. If that is so, then our business presentations must persuade action. Unfortunately, many fall short. Presentations are critical to career success, yet we too often focus on how slides look or […]
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Make Your Next Business
Presentation Like a TED Talk

I’ve been viewing some fascinating videos on TED.com, scanning them for tips on how to create great presentations. And I’ve been reading How To Deliver a TED Talk, by Jeremy Donovan. At some point in your career, you’ll likely be called upon to make a presentation to potential customers, superiors and/or colleagues. Your ability to […]
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Reading People through Social Signals: Consistency

How good are you at reading people? The more I read about communication social signals, the more I realize how complex we are as human beings. And yet, in conversation, we give off clear indications of how interested we are, how convinced or undecided we are and how open we might be to changing opinion. […]
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