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Reinventing Work:
Putting Values and Purpose First

In my recent series of posts on reinventing work, I’ve been exploring both past and present organizational models. What new trends are emerging in how we manage people? Is there a better way than what we’re doing now? Some say we’re ready to change how we work. In particular, Frederic Laloux in the book  Reinventing […]
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Self-Management: Bringing the Whole Person to Work

I’ve been reading about self-managing companies who operate without a hierarchical pyramid. Frederic Laloux believes we can reinvent work for the future with a self-organizing organizational model. In Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness (Nelson Parker, 2014), Laloux calls this stage Evolutionary-Teal. Now, in the work I […]
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6 Creative Processes that Use Questions

I’ve been intrigued about the power of creative questions to spark problem-solving. Let’s explore some of the creative processes people use to find creative solutions: 4 Stages: Nearly a century ago, the British psychologist Graham Wallas proposed a four-stage process of creativity. In his 1926 book The Art of Thought, Wallas observed that creative solutions […]
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6 Ways to Stimulate Creative Insights

What practical things can we do to stimulate fresh ideas, creative insights and new thinking? This is key to managers and leaders who must be prepared for rapidly changing marketplace demands. “You are more likely to have creative insights and valid intuitions when your brain is in a general state characterized by remote associations, broad […]
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7 Places to Hunt for Creative Insights

I’ve been reading about innovations and the creative insights that have sparked many of today’s bright new ideas. Several Fortune 500 companies have been founded on a single insight about what customers want. Starbucks brought a little bit of Italy to coffee shops. Home Depot gave do-it-yourselfers access to professional supplies. The Body Shop was […]
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Want Great Performance?
Have More Creative Insights

How can leaders improve their ability to have creative insights and breakthrough ideas that drive performance improvements? In 2001, Peter Drucker wrote in The Economist that “businesspeople stand on the threshold of the knowledge society. In this society, a company’s competitive advantage will come from an historically underdeveloped asset: the ability to capture and apply […]
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Creative Insight: Shifting for the Future

Creative insight could save your career. I’ve been writing about the value of developing intuitive thinking. Intuition along with analyses could lead to insights and breakthrough ideas that would revolutionize your business in the 21st Century. Let me ask you a question: how is your business going to shift in the next few years? How […]
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Mid Career Crisis: Beware of the U-Curve

One of my coaching clients came to me complaining about a mid-career crisis: In spite of being promoted and having reached (by most standards) a comfortable degree of success and financial stability, he felt a gnawing sense of unhappiness. He loved his chosen profession and industry. But he questioned everything. Something was missing and didn’t […]
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Mid Career Change: 5 Signs You’re Ready

Have you ever had a mid career fantasy where you just quit and try something new? I’m intrigued by the article 5 Signs It’s Time for a New Job by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in April’s Harvard Business Review. So many of my coaching clients, even those who are successful, secretly contemplate mid career shifts. They’re often […]
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The Future of Your Business:
What You Need to Do Now

I’ve been reading about what it takes for people to see what will be needed for the future of business. What can we do to open our minds to innovation? How can we be better prepared for all the rapid changes in technology and the way business is done? These three previous posts discuss different […]
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