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Leadership Give and Take:
The Deception of Taking

I’ve been reading about the paradox of leadership give and take. The premise is that those who try and get as much value as they can, get what they want. They have an intentionality that achieves goals and maximizes opportunity. These “takers” make things happen for themselves, and for the most part, those around them, […]
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How to Sabotage Your Success

As an executive coach, I am privy to clients’ stories of success and failure. I’ve noticed over the years that they commonly share one highly destructive behavior: self-sabotage. Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. ~ George Herman “Babe” Ruth Few of us realize how frequently self-sabotaging beliefs creep into our […]
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Define Success: Two Olympic Heroes

How do you define success for yourself? One brilliant moment, or do you strive to leave a legacy of small victories over a lifetime? How many of you know who Jesse Owens is? Yes, he’s a major figure in American history. In 1936, Jesse won the Gold Medal in the 100 meter dash at the […]
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