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Great Presentations that
Persuade in 20 Minutes

What is the best way to craft a great presentation? I’ve heard it said that ideas are the currency of twenty-first century business professionals. If that is so, then our business presentations must persuade action. Unfortunately, many fall short. Presentations are critical to career success, yet we too often focus on how slides look or […]
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How to Craft a Great Presentation:
What We Can Learn from TED

It doesn’t matter what your job is, at some point you’ll be asked to craft a great presentation. Your career, your sales, your leadership success depends on being able to persuade others. How do you learn to craft a speech that persuades? Most people suggest you learn from TED, the online site dedicated to “Ideas […]
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Business Presentations: Show Don’t Tell

Sometimes you need a little drama to evoke a desire to change. Without it, business presentations are dry as toast. I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows that pit one person against the other in cut-throat competitions. The producers encourage participants to be brutal with each other, and exaggerate every little personality difference. […]
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