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Why Authentic Leaders Need to Be Self Aware

In just about every article and book I read about authentic leaders, we learn how self-awareness is a cornerstone to authenticity. There are good reasons for this. Authentic leaders know themselves well, notes Brenda Ellington Booth, a clinical professor of management at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business. When leaders are self-aware, they recognize their […]
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Are You the Authentic Leader
Your People Need?

Are you really the authentic leader your people want you to be? Many leaders are unaware of how their lack of authenticity chips away at people, breeding dissatisfaction, distrust and disloyalty. Organizational effectiveness and productivity suffer when workers view leaders as inauthentic. One out of three people distrusts his or her employer, according to the […]
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Executive Presence, Charisma, and Nonverbal Conversations

At one time there were best selling business books advocating leaders cultivate “charisma.”  Then certain charming leaders turned out to be psychopaths and gave charisma a bad name. Now it seems there’s a flurry of consultants and coaches promoting executive “presence.” Many of these books are nothing but revised tips on how leaders should communicate […]
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