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Your Behaviors Build Your Brand Promise

As a leader, how much of your behavior is based on careful, thought out decisions? How much is spontaneous reaction? It’s an important question, as leaders are primarily known for how they act, especially in tough and trying situations. This goes both positively and negatively. The leaders I know who have a strong brand promise […]
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Mastering Leadership: From Effective Leader to Great Leader

Are you an effective leader, or a great leader? Effective leaders have mastered leadership competencies like setting strategic direction, communicating a clear mission, monitoring resources and ensuring that processes, systems and people achieve results. In addition, the great leaders I have worked with assess what they do, why they do it, and how they can […]
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Balance for Visionary Leaders

While leadership has evolved over time, a key function for visionary leaders is to answer the question “Where are we going?”  This requires a balance between a widescreen view and in-the-trenches focus; conceptualizing and executing. When too little attention is paid to daily business needs, all the bright ideas in the world cannot keep the […]
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Understand the Visionary Personality

While the ability to focus on the future separates high-potential leaders from the rank and file, many of us fail to understand the visionary personality. The visionary’s mind runs far and fast. Ideas come naturally; the more unique, the better. The most active visionaries fashion ideas that interconnect and form a clever master plan. I’ve […]
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Why Your Communications Sabotage Your Legitimate Leadership Authenticity

Your communications may be sabotaging your legitimate leadership authenticity. I have seen survey after survey that show most employees want better communications at work. And given the vast amount employees must sift, sort and respond to, it’s no wonder. Some leaders consider information to be communication in and of itself, but it’s really just data. […]
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Achieving Excellence, Not Perfection

If we want to achieve excellence, we need to think in different ways. This begins by recognizing where we are–our behaviors, motivations and thought patterns. We need to clarify our definition of excellence, and success. Then we can give our best and make the most practical choices. As a coach, I see first-hand how working […]
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Are You Pursuing Perfection?

One of the four leadership personality types, as described by Michael Maccoby in Narcissistic Leaders: Who Succeeds and Who Fails (Crown Business, 2012) is an obsessive, or perfectionistic leader. They are driven by a need for security, consistency, rules and logical order. You’ll spot them in every field—especially government bureaucracies, engineering firms, and law and financial offices. As […]
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Create a Culture of Trust:
The Power of Accountability

It may seem near impossible to create a culture of trust when organizational morale and engagement are lowered by people who can’t be counted on. They flame resentments and dissatisfaction throughout the organization. But can holding people personally accountable promote positivity, unity and build trust? There is a paradoxical truth in the power of accountability.
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Create a Culture of Trust with Empowerment

Are the people in your organization empowered to trust? Consider this: Leaders confer the highest levels of authority and trust on employees who effectively complete tasks, resolve problems and make fair decisions. These employees, in turn, become more open to trusting others. Trust is a commodity people spend in proportion to what they receive. You […]
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Create a Culture of Trust:
Foster Positivity and Unity

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on future focused books, specifically what neuro-science reveals about social intelligence, the shifts (and disruptions) in technology and perspectives (“we” vs. “me”), and principles that underpin business and life. It’s pretty clear to me how leaders can create a culture of trust […]
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