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The Future for Visionary Leaders

Think about the visionary leaders you’ve followed or admired: what were their plans for the future? Leaders are custodians of the future, and when we work for someone, we work to help create a better future as they see it. In my work as a consultant, I have seen successful visionary leaders make a positive […]
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Why Your Communications Sabotage Your Legitimate Leadership Authenticity

Your communications may be sabotaging your legitimate leadership authenticity. I have seen survey after survey that show most employees want better communications at work. And given the vast amount employees must sift, sort and respond to, it’s no wonder. Some leaders consider information to be communication in and of itself, but it’s really just data. […]
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Legitimate Leadership Authenticity is Discerningly Adaptable

Adaptability requires confidence and, ironically, consistent character. Being adaptable doesn’t mean being fickle, constantly changing course or bending under pressure. It calls for sticking to principles and plans with consideration, reasonable flexibility and understanding. Legitimate leadership authenticity is discerningly adaptable. Being consistent in how you display these traits allows your people to count on you. […]
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Personal Connections: How Leaders Sustain a Culture of “We”

We are in the midst of great social, economic, scientific and political change. Intelligent approaches count more than ever if we’re to build sustainable results in rapidly changing, complex markets. Successful leaders must utilize strong people skills to foster teamwork and unity. Leaders who are passionate about their people can sustain a culture of “we”. […]
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Unified Teamwork: How Leaders Go From “Me” to “We”

Have you noticed how teams composed of individuals who vary in their strengths, skills and personalities feed synergy and motivation? When paired with other skill-sets, people inspire one another and learn from each other. The sense of unity reduces barriers and creates a collective drive to solve problems with creative solutions. In a culture of […]
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The Real Power of Purpose and Value

By definition, every business is values-driven, but an uplifting sense of purpose is more motivating than profits and promotions. “A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.” ~ Gary Hamel, What Matters Now? Yet many leaders I have met use financial incentives (i.e. bonuses, pay and promotion) to stimulate people to good work. They are reluctant […]
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Forward Thinking Leadership: Cultivate a “We” Mindset

If we’re going to successfully grow organizations for the future, we need to take a serious look at the way we manage people and work together. As Einstein saw it, we can’t solve problems using the same level of consciousness with which we created them. So how do leaders create an organization that can thrive and grow today, […]
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Tempering Leadership Dominance

Most of us intuitively recognize different personality types. We routinely notice personality quirks in coworkers that baffle us, challenging our responses and relationships. Of the four key personality dimensions, dominance has the greatest potential to impede organizational effectiveness. Have you experienced this? Self-centered by nature, dominant leaders need to control everyone and everything around them. While […]
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Recognizing Leadership Deference

Evaluation of leadership personality types is an essential part of the selection process for CEOs and top executives, but perhaps we do not fully comprehend how important understanding the nuances of personality types are for influencing leadership effectiveness. For example, deferring to the needs of others can be an admirable trait: offering a seat to someone standing, […]
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Achieving Excellence, Not Perfection

If we want to achieve excellence, we need to think in different ways. This begins by recognizing where we are–our behaviors, motivations and thought patterns. We need to clarify our definition of excellence, and success. Then we can give our best and make the most practical choices. As a coach, I see first-hand how working […]
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