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Hone Your Attention to Master Leadership

One of the problems people have in mastering leadership is the tyranny of the urgent—it’s difficult to think about the future and where you want to go when you’re focused on staying afloat. But when you hone your attention, you keep that from happening. It’s how great leaders focus on the things that matter most. […]
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How to Engage a Visionary Leader

Employees often flock to companies led by a visionary leader. The allure of free thought, excitement and cutting-edge innovations is alluring. But some visionary leaders can be difficult bosses; employee, colleagues and board members are often left wondering how to engage a visionary leader. I have found in the work I do coaching leaders, most […]
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The Allure of a Visionary Leader

We look to our leaders to envision a future, to figure out where the organization needs to go to succeed, to evaluate ideas for pragmatism and fit for the company’s core mission. Productive visionary leaders understand how people, money, resources and organizational capabilities will work together to get from the present to a desired future. […]
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Excellence Vs. Perfection

As a leader, how do you pursue excellence? How do you differentiate between excellence and perfection? Does it matter? Perfectionistic leaders develop the skills to blend reason, logic, emotion and insight. They rely on these tools to affirm their sense of purpose—a strategy that helps them solve and avoid problems, while providing motivation and comfort. […]
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Problem-Solving Leadership:
Reduce, Redirect and Maximize

Is your leadership based on problem-solving? I’ve been writing about this in recent posts. All organizations have problems, requiring people with keen eyes and minds to solve them. However, problem-solving leadership can take a toll on organizations as frustrations grow and morale declines.
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Problem-Solving Cultures:
Innovative, or Toxic?

Having a problem-solving leader at the helm of an organization has its advantages: they are highly adept at spotting potential issues and unafraid to ask the questions no else wants to address. But not all of the employees I speak with agree. Working in a problem-solving culture can be toxic, pushing people beyond their breaking […]
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Warning Signs of Problem-Solving Leadership

It’s not always easy for us to see our blind spots, especially leaders who have been praised for their problem-solving abilities. They plan for trouble, are prepared when it arises and take on issues no one else wants to address. But taken to extremes, problem-solving behavior can wreak organizational havoc. Do you recognize the warning […]
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Common Traits of Problem-Solving Leadership

There’s really no escaping it: No matter how hard we try to be self-aware, everyone—including the best leader—has unproductive behaviors that are invisible to us but glaring to everyone else. I encounter this often in my coaching practice. Great leaders are known for their ability to discern real problems from run-of-the-mill difficulties, when to intervene […]
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Looking for Trouble:
Problem-Solving Leadership

Why do seemingly smart, fearless leaders fail when it comes to problem-solving?
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Better Clarity, Better Business Decisions

 More doubt is the last thing you want when you are in trouble. ~ Daniel Kahneman When it comes to better business decisions, fact-finding and information management can be taxing, even for seasoned leaders. Emotions influence most thought processes, and leaders can be left with distorted impressions. When this topic comes up with my coaching […]
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