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Tempering Leadership Dominance

Most of us intuitively recognize different personality types. We routinely notice personality quirks in coworkers that baffle us, challenging our responses and relationships. Of the four key personality dimensions, dominance has the greatest potential to impede organizational effectiveness. Have you experienced this? Self-centered by nature, dominant leaders need to control everyone and everything around them. While […]
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Recognizing Leadership Deference

Evaluation of leadership personality types is an essential part of the selection process for CEOs and top executives, but perhaps we do not fully comprehend how important understanding the nuances of personality types are for influencing leadership effectiveness. For example, deferring to the needs of others can be an admirable trait: offering a seat to someone standing, […]
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Measuring Leadership Social Intelligence

Leadership selection can no longer be based solely on one’s prior experience or successes. Yesterday’s challenges (productivity, profit, efficiency) remain critical, but today’s leaders must also grapple with new technologies, global diversity, and political and environmental instability. Leadership personality is critical; measuring social intelligence is key. In my last post, I wrote about the four […]
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Personality: The Making of GREAT Leaders

Researchers have exposed a profound truth: while stock prices, market share and material assets are important, softer factors determine true organizational success. Employee engagement, job satisfaction and creativity play greater roles in performance, effectiveness and profitability. At the helm are great leaders. Unfortunately, traditional approaches in leadership development will not serve us well in coming […]
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