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Achieving Excellence, Not Perfection

If we want to achieve excellence, we need to think in different ways. This begins by recognizing where we are–our behaviors, motivations and thought patterns. We need to clarify our definition of excellence, and success. Then we can give our best and make the most practical choices. As a coach, I see first-hand how working […]
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Are You Pursuing Perfection?

One of the four leadership personality types, as described by Michael Maccoby in Narcissistic Leaders: Who Succeeds and Who Fails (Crown Business, 2012) is an obsessive, or perfectionistic leader. They are driven by a need for security, consistency, rules and logical order. You’ll spot them in every field—especially government bureaucracies, engineering firms, and law and financial offices. As […]
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Excellence Vs. Perfection

As a leader, how do you pursue excellence? How do you differentiate between excellence and perfection? Does it matter? Perfectionistic leaders develop the skills to blend reason, logic, emotion and insight. They rely on these tools to affirm their sense of purpose—a strategy that helps them solve and avoid problems, while providing motivation and comfort. […]
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The Leaders’ Guide to Perfection

While some thought leaders claim that sustained business success depends on bold innovators, many caution against celebrity CEOs. Some boards prefer turning to CEOs who are by-the-numbers type personalities, who excel at cutting costs, culling non-performers from the pack, and implementing the right processes and systems. On the other hand…these leaders may be relying on […]
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Leadership Drift: Correcting Your Course

No matter what your role or level of responsibility, self-awareness is critical to success in work, life, and relationships. Unfortunately, drifting leaders rarely have an accurate picture of what’s happening internally and externally, making it seemingly impossible to correct their course. When this topic comes up with my coaching clients, we discuss the importance of […]
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