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Avoiding the Dangers of Leadership Drift

It’s true: all leaders experience drift at some point in their career. But drifting from one’s appointed responsibilities has consequences for leaders, their people and the organization. I know; as a coach, I often see the damages first hand. Leadership drift’s most immediate effects hit the operations level. Leaders who lose track of their purpose […]
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The Catalysts of Leadership Drift

Most of us find ourselves in a difficult situation at some point in our lives. We may be undertaking new tasks, confronting new challenges, or working at a new pace or with new degrees of responsibility. Such experiences are extremely stressful and may cause us to challenge our underlying assumptions about who we are and […]
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Recognizing the Signals of Leadership Drift

Are you experiencing leadership drift? I wrote about this in my last post, here.  As the word implies, “drift” is a loss of direction or purposefulness. I often encounter this in my work as a coach. Of course, any pattern of behavior that reduces leaders’ impact or influence is cause for concern. Leaders who have […]
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Navigating Leadership Drift

Have you experienced a leadership drift… yet? It’s relatively common: every leader experiences times of turbulence and periods of calm seas, seasons of being on course or feeling lost and adrift. I often hear leaders recall their favorite stories of how they got to where they are and the leadership lessons learned along the way… Business […]
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