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Communicating by Adding Value

Great leaders recognize that success relies on strong communication skills. I’ve been writing about this in recent posts. As a coach, I often see how a lack of communication causes multiple obstructions, debilitations and failures. Leaders must therefore master three essential skills to avoid these disconnects: Communicating deliberately Communicating interpersonally Communicating by adding value Transferring […]
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Communicating Interpersonally

Employees crave more than basic information; they want to feel valued enough to receive it. They respond optimally when they know their leaders appreciate their engagement, involvement and commitment. When leaders communicate interpersonally, workers feel cared for and connectedness increases. Practice considerate communication by attempting to understand others’ perspectives. Use honoring and appreciative language, and […]
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Communicating Deliberately

As a leader, are you communicating deliberately? Giving your people the information they need to complete their tasks and contribute to your organization requires thoughtful and appropriate communication. Assuming that people are getting the information they need—or can figure things out for themselves—yields unpleasant surprises. Information left unmanaged does irreparable harm. Misunderstandings, confusion, misrepresentation and […]
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Essential Communication Skills for Leaders

How strong are your communication skills? Leaders continue to assume greater responsibilities and pressures as markets and technologies call for increasingly faster commerce, responses and results. Information overload and business volatility have become the norm, requiring nimble management and staff interconnection. Leadership success depends on a most essential professional skill: strategic communication. Task completion and […]
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Defining Leadership Success in 2019

Are you prepared for leadership success in 2019? Leadership is like conducting a symphony orchestra. There are 110 instruments in an orchestra. Sometimes all we hear are the violins, but the other instruments must be there to provide necessary support and background. Then maybe it’s the piano in the foreground. Each section has it’s part to […]
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