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Passion for Work:
Extreme Performance Improvement

In an ideal world, we’d all be working with passion in jobs that bring out our strengths and talents to achieve the greatest good in organizations and the world. But that doesn’t always happen the way we envision. Complexities demand more of us and stress can beat the enthusiasm out of the most idealistic and […]
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Rekindle Your Passion for Work

As we prepare for some holiday family time – for those who celebrate the US day of Thanksgiving – we think about gratitude. But not everyone’s joyful at work. This would be a good time to reflect on how we can rekindle passion for the work you do. Here are some suggestions to help rekindle […]
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How Not to Lose Passion at Work

Many people who seek professional coaching complain about losing their passion mid-career. Some would like to switch careers, but they remain cautious in these uncertain times. Most coaches, including myself, will advise you to look inward before making a drastic decision to change jobs or career path. Perhaps the problem isn’t the job or supervisor, […]
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Mid Career Complaint:
“Has Anyone Seen My Passion?”

At some point in your career, you may sense a creeping malaise. You’re no longer enthusiastic about the day ahead. Where’s the passion? Perhaps you’re experiencing a mid-career crisis—the sudden realization that you’re no longer a rising star. I’ve written about this before and it keeps coming up with my coaching clients. In fact, 75 […]
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3 Creative Questions that Spark Innovations

I’ve been exploring creative questions and the creative processes innovators use to spark ideas. The ability to ask “why” has sparked innumerable innovations. Author and journalist Warren Berger writes about this in A More Beautiful Question, a fascinating book illuminating the power of questions that lead to innovations. He outlines a framework of three sequential […]
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6 Creative Processes that Use Questions

I’ve been intrigued about the power of creative questions to spark problem-solving. Let’s explore some of the creative processes people use to find creative solutions: 4 Stages: Nearly a century ago, the British psychologist Graham Wallas proposed a four-stage process of creativity. In his 1926 book The Art of Thought, Wallas observed that creative solutions […]
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The Power of Asking Creative Questions

Asking creative questions can change everything. A big, beautiful question can generate ideas, inspire action, influence engagement and participation, as well as solve problems and spark creative genius. I’ve seen this happen spontaneously in my coaching practice. It’s worthwhile to consider how we can ask better questions more purposefully. What kinds of questions are there? […]
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How to Use Social Signals in Conversations

I’ve been intrigued by new research about how we communicate and send social signals during conversations. New technology — the sociometer that measures our natural behaviors in the workplace — is revealing how people interact and work together. But for now, most of us don’t wear devices and don’t have the ability to dissect subtle message […]
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