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Creative Insight: Shifting for the Future

Creative insight could save your career. I’ve been writing about the value of developing intuitive thinking. Intuition along with analyses could lead to insights and breakthrough ideas that would revolutionize your business in the 21st Century. Let me ask you a question: how is your business going to shift in the next few years? How […]
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10 Tips for Improving Intuitive Thinking

None of us starts a career with the expertise we need. We learn as we go, we develop the intuitive thinking skills we need. Some of us broaden our skills better than others because we pay attention, notice what works and what doesn’t, and build a repertoire of experiences (both good and bad). So how […]
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Intuitions: Understand Gut Feelings &
Know How to Check Yourself

Self-checking and feedback are crucial for sound intuitive decisions, so some organizations have made these processes part of the culture in their executive suites. Intuitive thinkers admit their instincts are often plain wrong. They understand that human nature can cloud decision-making. For example: We will often take unnecessary risks to recover a loss (the classic […]
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Pattern Recognition: What Goes On During Intuitive Thinking

So, how are your pattern recognition skills? They may be more important than you think, if you’re a leader charged with making quick yet accurate decisions. I’ve been taking a peak behind the curtain at what goes on when we use intuitive thinking to arrive at best solutions. In the work I do with executives, […]
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What Exactly Is Intuition and How Can It Help Make Sound Decisions?

While some enjoy promoting its seemingly magical qualities, intuition isn’t some mysterious gift or touchy-feely psychic ability. There’s science behind it, which means you can learn how to leverage your intuition for optimum results. We need to treat intuition as a strength that can be acquired and expanded by building—and making better use of—a rich […]
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The Power of Intuitive Thinking

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders must make complex decisions quickly, even when faced with uncertainty. Data and numbers rarely provide a complete picture. Making sound decisions in a chaotic climate requires us to strengthen our intuitive thinking. Refining our natural abilities of intuition leads to more accurate and innovative insights. “The instinctive genius that […]
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Good Apologies Restore Trust

Because no workplace is perfect, most of us need to learn how to make good apologies. Managers berate subordinates in meetings. Colleagues make snide remarks about each other. Even worse, people send emails, texts, or tweets without thinking. Making an apology is key, but it has to be done well or it can backfire and […]
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How to Apologize at Work: Don’t Justify

Mistakes happen all the time. But when we screw up, it’s often hard to apologize at work effectively. It’s even worse when executives have to make public apologies for corporate mistakes. There’s a great article about this by Ron Ashkenas on the Harvard Business Review site January, 2015, “When a Public Mistake Requires an Old-Fashioned […]
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