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Mid Career Change: 5 Signs You’re Ready

Have you ever had a mid career fantasy where you just quit and try something new? I’m intrigued by the article 5 Signs It’s Time for a New Job by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in April’s Harvard Business Review. So many of my coaching clients, even those who are successful, secretly contemplate mid career shifts. They’re often […]
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Mid Career Meaning:
Connect with Your Best Self

In my work coaching individuals, we often arrive at key insights through questions and reflection about their career story, their own hero’s journey, and particularly their search for mid-career meaning. But insights are only valuable when put into action. What will you do with the information you discover when you pay attention to where and […]
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Mid-Career Crisis and the Hero’s Journey

Many of the leaders and managers I know and with whom I’ve worked find that mid-career is a good time for reflection and evaluation. Almost everyone experiences a career crisis at some point. If you look at your life – be it your career or overall life path – you can see elements of both […]
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Leaders and the Mid-Career Crisis Thing

Have you experienced a mid-career crisis… yet? Leaders have their favorite stories of how they got to where they are and the leadership lessons learned along the way. But once in a while, a leader starts to feel uneasy telling the same old stories, and begins to question everything. Welcome to mid-career crisis, also known […]
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How and Why We Need to Play at Work

It’s obvious that play outside of work  ̶  through sports, games, family activities and community functions – is essential. For example, golf is widely practiced by executives. Social and business connections happen when you spend time with others playing sports. What is less obvious is our need to play at work, as we work. Play […]
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Are You Having Fun at Work?

“We’re having too much fun at work!” That’s something I rarely hear these days in my work coaching people. Yet, I wonder if we don’t discount the value of enjoyment for high performance on the job. There is power in play, even for the most serious of careers. Think about this: Having fun and playing […]
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Renewing Yourself: The Power of Play

I’ve been writing about the challenges of innovations that are coming in the future of work and it seems to me that it’s overwhelming to imagine a world not yet invented. One of the most powerful ways to meet challenges, however, is to clear the mind with play. In my opinion, most of us are […]
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The Future of Work:
Will You Be “Future Smart”?

If the first two decades of the 21st century are an indication of how the future of work is evolving, we’ll need to be vigilant and innovative to stay relevant. Game-changing trends will continue to affect business, technology, the workforce, the economy, security and the environment. We’re well aware of many of them: climate change, […]
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