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Future of Work: 5 Skills for the Robotic Age

I’ve been intrigued by the book Metaskills: 5 Talents for the Robotic Age, by business adviser Marty Neumeier. He points out that for the future of work, we need to stay on top of the robot curve—the constant waterfall of obsolescence and opportunity fed by competition and innovation. Neumeier outlines five metaskills that—so far—robots cannot […]
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The Future of Work:
“Help! A Robot Ate My Job!”

If you haven’t yet heard this complaint, you probably will in the future of work. Yet even as some jobs can now be done by robots, others remain unfilled. Today’s widespread unemployment is not a jobs crisis; it’s a talent crisis. There’s not enough talent for the jobs that are available. Welcome to the future […]
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The Future of Your Business:
What You Need to Do Now

I’ve been reading about what it takes for people to see what will be needed for the future of business. What can we do to open our minds to innovation? How can we be better prepared for all the rapid changes in technology and the way business is done? These three previous posts discuss different […]
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The Future of Work: Global Connectivity

What will the future of work be like for you? Thinking about the future is hard, mainly because we’re so mired in the present. One thing’s for sure, we’re all going to have to develop an eye for new trends if we’re going to survive. The pace of game-changing innovations is only accelerating. No matter […]
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Five Priorities for Future Leaders

How will future leaders be successful? How will business be conducted and what leadership development priorities will be required for future leaders to succeed? To be sure, some leadership qualities will always be important: intelligence (emotional as well as cognitive), confidence, ability to articulate and inspire a vision, ability to motivate, unfaltering optimism, perseverance, resilience, […]
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Leadership Skills for the Future:
Stay Ahead of the Robot Curve

Could you be replaced by a computer? Just because your leadership skills involve managing people and making decisions, don’t think you can’t be replaced by a machine. The competition between people and machines is not merely science fiction plot. In February 2011, a three day marathon Jeopardy! game show pitted IBM’s “Watson” computer against two […]
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How to Develop Better Noticing Skills

One of the things I try to do when coaching leaders is to help them to see what they can’t see, to develop their noticing skills. Everyone is prone to narrow vision when they are “standing too close to the blackboard.” Harvard Professor Max Bazerman’s book The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See […]
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