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Leadership Success: Some Thoughts on Work, Life, Music, Distractions and Choice

What would it take for you to experience leadership success? Let’s face it: there never really is a perfect work life balance. It’s a moving target. Just when we think we’re ahead of the game, life gets in the way. In many ways, life is like a symphony orchestra. There are 110 instruments in an […]
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Leaders, How Exactly Are You
Going to Manage Priorities?

I’ve often said to my stressed out coaching clients that trying to manage time is like golfing with a tennis racquet. Wrong tool for the job. You can really only manage priorities. Yet most of us don’t do a very good job of that. The thing is, to manage your priorities, you have to know […]
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Do You Have a Priority Management Problem?

From what I see in the organizations I work with, people don’t have a time management problem. They have priority management problems. I say that because I hear complaints like these: “No matter how much I get done, I still have way too many things not done.” “I don’t feel fulfilled, I feel stressed.” “There’s […]
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The Search for Meaning at Work

Every year, the Gallup organization reveals large numbers of disengaged employees. Research points to a lot of unhappy workers. Yet I believe that many of them crave more engagement. They’re hungry to discover meaning at work and to feel fulfilled. It’s human nature: we are all meaning-making machines. The way I see it, many of […]
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Redefining Leadership Success:
In Search of Meaning

What makes for leadership success? How should we define and measure it? What makes us truly proud to do what we do? Throughout the economic upheavals and rapidly changing global market place of the last decade, I’ve noticed an emerging desire. No matter the industry, no matter their age or gender or field, people want […]
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Leadership Isn’t About Business:
It’s About Life

I read a lot of the current books on leadership; after all, in the work I do in organizations, I coach leaders to find clarity, focus, and intention in their actions to produce optimal business results. I need to know all I can about leadership development and how to help people become the high performing […]
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6 Ways to Express Humility in Leadership

In my previous posts here and here, I’ve been praising the character trait of humility in leadership. It’s something praised by author Jim Collins in his classic book Good to Great. Humility is a defining character of Level 5 leaders, according to research on companies that sustain success over time. Here are some suggestions for […]
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How to Develop Leadership Humility

What exactly do we mean by leadership humility? And why is it important to develop? In the classic book Good to Great, Jim Collins describes a Level 5 leader as an individual who blends extreme personal humility with intense professional will. You can read about these stellar leadership behaviors in my previous post here. According […]
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In Praise of Leadership Humility

Over the Holidays I had some reading time and reviewed a couple of my favorite leadership books, including Jim Collin’s Good to Great. I especially like his description of the personal humility of a Level 5 leader. In case you’ve forgotten, here are excerpts. A classic example of a Level 5 leader is an individual […]
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