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The Engaged Manager:
Managing in One Hour a Day

Are you an engaged manager? Or are you hands-off? Many managers I know think they’re empowering their people but they’re not really managing at all. They’re undermanaging. I wrote here about how 90% of managers don’t do enough basic managing for fear of micromanaging. What do engaged managers do? How do they get the most […]
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Under-Managing: 4 Energy and Time Drains of the Busy Boss

I’m following up on my series of posts about why 90% of managers are under-managing. We hear a lot about micromanaging and busy bosses who command and control, but survey data tell us “hands-off” managing is pernicious and the foundation of  poor employee engagement. Author Bruce Tulgan, (The 27 Challenges Managers Face: Step-by-Step Solutions to […]
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9 Out of 10 Managers Are Undermanaging

What is going on? I know many of my clients complain about micromanagement and controlling jerk bosses, but this report says there’s an undermanagement epidemic. In 2004 a research study from RainmakerThinking, Inc. revealed an epidemic of undermanagement throughout the workplace. Now, 10 years later their on-going study shows undermanaging is still rampant.  A full […]
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Work Surveys: “We Want Better Communication!”

It’s quite remarkable: Survey after survey shows that most employees want better communication at work. And managers report similar wants from their direct reports: “more” and “better communication.” Apparently 60% of people want improved communication at work. You’ve got to see the irony: there’s an awful lot of communication at work, too much email, too […]
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How to Boost Motivation with
Motivational Conversations

Here’s a suggestion for boosting motivation among staff: conduct a motivational outlook conversation. Ask your people to identify what motivates them to do their work. The goal is to help them see which motivating factors have maximum impact and energy for them. Most people identify several reasons why they do the work they do. There […]
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Motivate People without Over Managing or Micromanaging

I don’t doubt that most managers truly want to motivate people to peak performance; it’s the way they go about it that backfires. In a fervent desire to teach people what they know to be true (after all, it worked to get them promoted to management, right?), some managers enthusiastically over-manage. Over-management can also manifest […]
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Motivation: What Managers Can Learn From Monkeys

In 1949, psychologist Harry Harlow placed puzzles in monkeys’ cages and was surprised to find that the primates successfully solved them. Harlow saw no logical reason for them to do so. What was their motivation? Their survival didn’t depend on it. The monkey’s didn’t receive any rewards nor avoid any punishments for their work. Apparently, […]
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